Search Engine Optimisation by Espresso Web Design

Here at Espresso Web Design we like to take the time to speak with our clients and work out their needs for every project. In return we also like to write a small case study on the work we have carried out. This gives us an opportunity to explain the process to new and future clients. Rest assured the information within our case study is 100% accurate at time of publish and is a true reflection of the work completed on this project.

O’Connells website design is the second installment of our website designs for public houses. O’Connells is owned by Shaun, the same owner as The Dubliners in Thornaby. With such a good job done on the website design and mobile website for The Dubliners Shaun jumped at the chance of getting a website for O’Connells in Middlesbrough.

He issued the task to Espresso Web Design as he had with his previous site and the brief was exactly the same. He needed a simple reference site that was capable of taking traffic from the busy social media interaction this pub already had. We set about running through a design brief and sending over the examples for Shaun to decide the best plan for this new site. From here we discussed the key services of the pub and how he wanted to market these.

As with all of the design projects we encouraged Shaun’s input and we got it right first time. We made the site simple to navigate and clearly outline the key services of the pub and backed it up with all of the relevant on site optimisation. From here we knew we had given this site the best start in life and went live.

The feedback from old and new customers has been great for Sean and O’Connells and he is ready to move on his 3rd pub to have a website created and begin his online marketing. All of this was thanks to the time and dedication shown by the team at Espresso Web Design. Thanks guys much appreciated!